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Honduras Mission

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The International Perfusion Association, in partnership with Duke’s Division of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery, spearheads the expansive Heart for Honduras initiative, targeting the pervasive issue of valvular heart disease within the country. Launched in July 2019, this project ambitiously aims to not only elevate the survival rates and overall well-being of Honduran patients afflicted by this condition but also to significantly enhance the capabilities of local medical personnel through rigorous education and hands-on training.

Given Honduras’ challenging healthcare landscape, marked by economic hardships, political volatility, and a stark scarcity of specialized medical practitioners, the program is a beacon of hope. It leverages a collaborative approach, working in tandem with Dr. Hugo Orellana at the INCP hospital, to deliver surgical interventions and foster a sustainable healthcare environment through the transfer of knowledge and skills.

This initiative is characterized by its comprehensive strategy, encompassing patient selection, pre-operative preparation, and post-operative care, ensuring a holistic treatment pathway. The project mobilizes a multidisciplinary team of Duke volunteers, benefiting from the generosity of various donors and organizations, to implement this life-saving mission on the ground in Honduras.

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