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IPA Honduras Mission with Duke Health and Mass General

I am delighted to announce that our Honduras Mission team, in collaboration with Duke University and Harvard (Mass General), has triumphantly completed a cardiac surgery mission trip in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. This mission marks a significant achievement in our ongoing efforts to provide critical healthcare services to underserved communities. With the invaluable contribution of approximately 32 clinicians who generously volunteered their precious time and expertise, our combined team successfully performed surgeries on 38 patients, including 15 pediatric patients. We are proud to report that the outcomes have been exceptionally positive, demonstrating the profound impact of our collective efforts.

This mission would not have been possible without the remarkable support from various local partners. We are deeply grateful to the doctors, nurses, and other healthcare practitioners at Honduras Medical Center and Hospital María, whose collaboration and commitment were essential to our success. Their expertise, along with the dedication of the security and support staff, ensured smooth operations and high-quality care for both adult and pediatric patients. We also owe a special thanks to Banco Atlántida and Banco Ficohsa, whose generosity extended beyond financial assistance. Their provision of lodging for our team ensured that we could focus entirely on our mission without the added concern of accommodation logistics. Furthermore, their financial support covered significant surgical costs at the hospitals, allowing us to maximize the reach and effectiveness of our medical interventions.

Our mission received substantial backing from a broad range of companies and individuals whose contributions were pivotal. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Medtronic, Livanova, Abbott, Artivion, Edwards, LSI Solutions, Atricure, Yale Capital Corp, Spectrum Medical, Haemonetics, Eurosets, Global Cardiac Alliance, Epic Cardiovascular Services, Vitesse, Invosurg, and Redline Perfusion. Their donations of medical supplies, financial resources, and specialized equipment were crucial in enabling us to deliver high-standard cardiac care.

This mission trip is a testament to the power of collaboration and the incredible difference that can be made when diverse groups come together with a shared goal. We look forward to continuing our partnerships and expanding our efforts to bring essential healthcare services to those in need.

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