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What is the Cost to Attend Perfusion School?

Entering the perfusion field is financially accessible compared to other medical careers, with 19 CAAHEP-accredited perfusion programs in the U.S. offering tuition ranging from $18,000 for a post-baccalaureate certificate to over $55,000. For those without savings, federal loans, scholarships, grants, and payment plans are available options. Federal loans include direct subsidized (for undergraduates) and unsubsidized loans, the latter accruing interest during school but not requiring immediate repayment. Master’s program students are eligible for federal loans up to $20,500 per academic year, enough to cover tuition and living expenses. For certificate programs, eligibility for federal loans depends on U.S. Department of Education approval, with resources like the National Center For Education Statistics’ College Navigator aiding in determining loan and grant eligibility. Additionally, perfusion organizations like SpecialtyCare and the Massachusetts Society of Perfusion offer scholarships, and some programs may allow payment plans or personal loans, providing various avenues to finance perfusion education.

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