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Fostering Open Communication in Perfusion and Cardiothoracic Surgery: A Critical Call to Action

The article emphasizes the importance of open communication within the perfusion and cardiothoracic surgery community to improve patient safety and outcomes. It advocates for all team members, including nurses, anesthesiologists, and perfusionists, to actively share insights and concerns. A culture that encourages speaking up without fear of repercussions, coupled with the use of debriefs, root cause analyses, and data management systems, is essential for continuous improvement. The adoption of the WHO surgical safety checklist and a strong speak-up culture are highlighted as crucial steps for elevating perfusion care standards and enhancing patient care.


Exploring Online International Health Professions Education: A Mixed Methods Review

This study investigates the feasibility and early outcomes of online international health professions education, specifically in Cardiovascular Perfusion. Using mixed methods, the research identified barriers, facilitators, and initial results of implementing an online Extracorporeal Science (ECS) program compared to traditional in-person training. Qualitative analysis highlighted primary and subthemes leading to targeted interventions in the ECS program design. Quantitative data showed no significant difference in student performance and satisfaction between online and traditional cohorts, indicating that online international education in health professions can achieve outcomes comparable to conventional methods.

Perfusion Education

How to Become a Perfusionist in the United States

Perfusionists are specialized healthcare professionals trained in operating heart-lung machines during open-heart surgeries and various auxiliary devices. Their education involves diverse pathways, including undergraduate courses in sciences, post-baccalaureate certificates, and master’s degrees, all leading to eligibility for certification and consistent job opportunities across different educational levels.

Pascotto Team

Robert D. Pascotto Mission Scholarship

The International Perfusion Association (IPA) has established the Dr. Robert Pascotto Scholarship in his honor. This scholarship, funded annually with $12,000 by the IPA, aims to support students wishing to participate in mission trips. It offers up to $3,000 for mission trip expenses to each recipient, encouraging participation in cardiac surgery missions and fostering a culture of philanthropy in healthcare.

Perfusion Cost

What is the Cost to Attend Perfusion School?

Entering the perfusion field is financially accessible, with tuition for the 17 CAAHEP-accredited programs in the U.S. varying widely; financial assistance is available through federal loans, scholarships, and payment plans. Master’s program students can access federal loans, while certificate program students should check their program’s eligibility, and organizations like SpecialtyCare offer scholarships for further support.


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