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Development of New Colloid Osmotic Pressure Measurement Method Using Ultrafiltration Membrane During Cardiopulmonary Bypass

Background: Clinical practice of measuring colloid osmotic pressure (COP) was abandoned after correcting hypoosmolarity did not improve overall patient outcomes. However, the use of albumin and colloidal solutions has contributed to maintaining intraoperative and postoperative fluid balance at lower levels. Reduced perioperative fluid balance is consistently reported to have positive effects on clinical outcomes. Priming solutions for cardiopulmonary bypass typically include colloids; however, the optimal type of priming solution has not yet been determined. Stricter COP management may further improve postoperative courses. To achieve this, the widespread adoption of a measurement method suitable for COP monitoring during cardiopulmonary bypass is required. Methods: A test circuit was made which measured COP using an ultrafiltration membrane method based on the changes in hydrostatic pressure that occurs across a semipermeable membrane. We then compared the measurements obtained using this method with colloidal osmometer measurements. Results: COP measurements were obtained for a total of 100 tests (10 times each for 10 test solutions). The evaluation parameters included simultaneous reproducibility, correlation with the colloid osmometer, and measurement time. The results demonstrated high accuracy of the ultrafiltration membrane method, simultaneous reproducibility within 3%, a high positive correlation with the colloid osmometer (correlation coefficient: R2 = 0.99; p < 0.01), and equal time required for measurement. Conclusion: Measuring COP using ultrafiltration membranes solves problems within existing measurement methods. Although further improvements in the method are necessary, it has implications for future research and clinical applications.

Keywords: Ultrafiltration, Filter, Hemoconcentrator, Edema

J Extra Corpor Technol 2023, 55, 167–174

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