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Apple Vision Pro Initial Perfusionist Review

Apple Fans Rejoice: February 2nd finally arrived and given my (Bryan Lich, Perfusionist USA) first 1/2 day using this the Apple Vision Pro, it stands out as a significant advancement in mixed reality technology, with awesome potential applications in the medical field that could revolutionize patient care and medical training. In short, it’s revolutionary, but let me expand.

Key Features of the Apple Vision Pro:

  • Design and Comfort: The Vision Pro is noted for its elegant design, moving away from the often bulky and unattractive appearance of traditional VR headsets. It offers customizable headbands for comfort and an external battery pack for extended use, although this design choice has raised some concerns about convenience.
  • Visual and Audio Technology: It boasts the best video passthrough capabilities seen in a headset, offering a convincing blend of digital and real-world visuals. The device also delivers spatial audio for an immersive sound experience. It’s outstanding, better than advertised, and the quality of the images far exceeds the Meta Quest 3.
  • Health and Safety Considerations: Apple has provided guidelines for using the Vision Pro with certain medical conditions, emphasizing the importance of consulting with a medical provider to ensure safety.
  • 3D Movies: Watching 3D movies on the Apple Vision Pro offers an unparalleled immersive experience, leveraging its advanced visual and audio capabilities. Users can access over 150 3D movies from top studios via the Apple TV app, enjoying them in stunning detail with the option to switch between 2D and 3D viewing. This feature, combined with Spatial Audio, transforms any space into a personal cinema, providing a new level of depth and realism to movie watching.

Medical Applications:

  • Training and Simulation: The Vision Pro’s immersive capabilities make it an ideal tool for medical training, allowing healthcare professionals to simulate complex procedures in a controlled, virtual environment. This could enhance the learning experience without the risks associated with real-life training. The resolution is far and away better than the Meta Quest 2-3 and this make a huge difference in real world applications where image detail is a priority.
  • Applications: For my colleagues in heart surgery, there’s an App called Complete Heart X that provides amazing 3D virtual images of the heart structure, vales, etc. It’s $49.99 so get be prepared to get your wallet out!
  • Therapeutic Use: The headset is being used to develop specialized medical apps, such as Xaia, a mental health chatbot app that leverages the Vision Pro’s immersive environment to provide a new form of therapeutic interaction. This indicates a potential for VR in enhancing mental health treatments.
  • Surgical Assistance: The eye-tracking technology and high-resolution display could be used to provide surgeons with real-time, augmented visual aids during procedures, potentially increasing precision and reducing risks. In my limited experience, this is probably the most incredible aspect of the technology. It just works.

Limitations and Considerations:

  • Vision Cost: At a starting price of $3499-$3995, the Vision Pro is a significant investment, which may limit its accessibility, especially in budget-constrained medical settings.
  • Weight and Comfort for Extended Use: While designed for comfort, the external battery pack and the weight of the headset could become uncomfortable over long periods, which is a critical consideration for medical applications requiring extended use. It definitely leaves marks on your face after a solid hour of use.


The Apple Vision Pro represents a leap forward in mixed reality technology with its advanced visual and audio capabilities, design, and comfort. Its potential applications in the medical field are vast, from enhancing training and simulation to providing new therapeutic tools. However, its high cost and the physical limitations of wearing the headset for extended periods are significant considerations. As the technology evolves and becomes more accessible, the Vision Pro could play a crucial role in the future of medical education and patient care.

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