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Online Education

Examining Online International Health Professions Education: A Mixed Methods Review of Barriers, Facilitators, and Early Outcomes

This study explores the feasibility and effectiveness of delivering Cardiovascular Perfusion education online to international students. Through mixed methods, barriers and facilitators to online health professions education were identified, informing the development of a novel online Extracorporeal Science (ECS) program. The first semester’s outcomes showed no significant difference in student performance or satisfaction compared to traditional in-person programs, highlighting the potential of online education to equalize access to healthcare education globally. The findings suggest that, with careful planning and incorporation of student feedback, online international education can achieve outcomes comparable to those of conventional programs.

Apple VR

Apple Vision Pro Initial Perfusionist Review

The Apple Vision Pro, with its advanced visual and audio capabilities, offers potential applications in the medical field, including enhanced training, therapeutic tools, and surgical assistance. However, its high cost and potential discomfort during extended use are significant considerations that may limit its widespread adoption in healthcare settings.


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