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A Hardshell Reservoir Technique for Administering del Nido Cardioplegia

Introduction: The use of del Nido cardioplegia has increased in the adult cardiac surgery population. Centers have adopted the formula with a variety of circuit systems. This report includes our set up for delivering 1:4 (blood: crystalloid) del Nido cardioplegia.

Materials and methods: A homemade circuit for cardioplegia administration was built with a pediatric reservoir, a roller pump, a coil cooler, a 3/16-inch circuit to administer and recycle cardioplegia, and two ¼-inch tubes to collect the patient’s blood.

Technique: The circuit allows the perfusionist to collect the blood directly from the cardiopulmonary bypass arterial limb of the circuit, to precisely mix it with the crystalloid component of the del Nido cardioplegia solution already in the reservoir, and to administer the final solution under strictly controlled parameters.

Summary: We present a circuit design that can accurately measure and administer del Nido cardioplegia through the use of a roller pump and a pediatric reservoir. It simplifies and enhances the accuracy and efficiency of cardioplegic administration in our practice.

Keywords: cardioplegia; cardioplegia circuit; del Nido cardioplegia.

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