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Results of the 2019 Survey on Perceptions of Vacancy and Turnover Among Perfusionists in the United States

A large number of recent publications and presentations have focused on impending workforce issues that surround the field of perfusion. Vacancy and turnover rates, which provide a picture of the current workforce status and serve as a benchmark for comparison with past and future equilibrium, have not been examined. The purpose of the 2019 Vacancy and Turnover study was to identify current staffing trends among a cohort of perfusionists in the United States, as well as the factors affecting these trends. A vacancy and turnover survey was conducted during January and February of 2019. The survey required participants to answer several questions designed to determine vacancy and turnover during the prior 1-year period. Questions related to the vacancy and turnover rates of perfusionists were reported with descriptive statistics, including the means, medians, standard deviations, and range of scores. The study collected 502 responses, of which 484 met all inclusion criteria. Vacancy and turnover rates were analyzed by state, region, employer type, group size, and salary range. In summary, the vacancy rate for all perfusion groups in this survey was 12.3%, with a turnover rate of 14.7%. This investigation explores differences in vacancy and turnover among different subgroups based on state, region, employer, practice size, and salary range. Data from this study are presented as a guide to assist stakeholders in determining the best course of action with regards to staffing of perfusion services and how to plan for future needs.

Keywords: perfusion, staffing, vacancy, turnover, workforce

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