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PerfusionGPT Beta Launched on

PerfusionGPT Beta is an AI-powered chatbot built upon the ChatGPT-4 Turbo model, specifically tailored for perfusionists. This specialized chatbot is designed to provide expert knowledge and support in the field of perfusion, a critical area in cardiac surgery where perfusionists manage the cardiopulmonary bypass machine during heart surgery.

PerfusionGPT’s training has been meticulously focused to encompass a wide range of topics relevant to perfusion, including the management of the heart-lung machine, understanding of complex cardiac procedures, patient monitoring, standards, and the handling of various clinical scenarios encountered in cardiac surgery. This AI tool serves as an invaluable resource for perfusionists, offering instant access to specialized information, guidance on best practices, insights into the latest advancements in the field, licensure requirement, current employment opportunities and more.

Its ability to understand and respond to specific queries related to perfusion makes it an innovative tool for enhancing clinical decision-making and improving patient care. Moreover, PerfusionGPT can assist in educational settings, providing students and new practitioners with a fairly comprehensive learning platform.

In summary, PerfusionGPT represents a significant advancement in the application of AI in specialized medical fields, offering a highly focused, knowledgeable, and accessible resource for professionals in the perfusion domain. Please be advised that PerfusionGPT is a Beta Product, and you should validate any answers it may provide before making and clinical decisions based on information it provides.

**PerfusionGPT is a Registered Trademark of the International Perfusion Association**

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