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Percutaneous Debulking of Tricuspid Valve Infective Endocarditis Vegetations Using a Large Bore Manual Aspiration Device – AlphaVac

Most infectious endocarditis patients can be managed medically. However, non-responders to antibiotics and ongoing sequelae such as septic emboli, may require mechanical interventions. AngioVac (Angiodynamics, Latham, NY, USA) is a percutaneous aspiration device used for removal of thrombi, emboli, masses, and vegetations. Main drawbacks are the requirement for a perfusionist, two large-bore accesses, and meticulous de-airing. These drawbacks make the procedure more time-consuming and possibly increase the risk of complications. AlphaVac (Angiodynamics) omits the motor element, thereby overcoming several of the limitations. In the current report, we describe two cases of percutaneous aspiration of tricuspid valve vegetations using AlphaVac.

Learning objective: To consider manual percutaneous aspiration of infective valvular vegetations using the AlphaVac cannula in case of insufficient response to antibiotics or for prevention of emboli.

Keywords: AlphaVac; Infective endocarditis; Percutaneous; Tricuspid; Vegetations.

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