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Hearts in Harmony: A New Year’s Tribute to Cardiac Heroes

In the heart of the night, while the world’s at rest,
Cardiac surgeons are putting their skills to the test.
With hands steady as the new year draws near,
They’re fixing hearts, bringing hope and cheer.

“Scalpel,” says one, with a wink and a smile,
“Let’s mend this heart in style!”
They stitch and they sew, with care and with grace,
Each beat restored, each artery in place.

Nurses hustle, their spirits bright,
Guiding the OR through the night.
“Another heart saved!” they cheer with glee,
Just in time for the New Year’s Eve spree.

Anesthesia’s calm, monitoring with care,
Ensuring each patient’s comfort is there.
“Count backwards from ten,” they softly say,
“Welcome the new year in a dreamy way.”

As the clock strikes twelve, and fireworks ignite,
Our cardiac team shines oh so bright.
“Happy New Year!” they exclaim with delight,
Ready for challenges, day or night.

So here’s to the heroes in scrubs of blue,
With hearts as big as their skills are true.
In the rhythm of life, they play their part,
Bringing new years and new starts to every heart!

Happy New Year to the unsung heroes in cardiac surgery, especially perfusionists whose dedication and skill keep hearts beating strong!

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