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Easy Flow: An Eclectic Cardiopulmonary Bypass Simulation Model

The aphorism “Primum non nocere” underscores the responsibility of healthcare professionals to prioritize patient safety. Perfusionists, experts in extracorporeal circulation, play a pivotal role in maintaining cardiac function during critical situations. However, the evolving landscape of medical technology has not been without challenges, particularly in ensuring equitable access to perfusion training. Easy Flow Cardiopulmonary Bypass Simulation Model stands out as a cost-effective alternative, utilizing routine CPB equipment found in operating theatres. The uniqueness lies in its incorporation of double reservoirs and two pumps, a novel approach not reported before in educational CPB simulation models. The benefits of this model extend beyond skill development to encompass team management, communication enhancement, and disaster management training. Multiple scenarios, from the initiation of CPB to addressing emergencies like massive air embolism, can be simulated. Although the model requires an instructor, this facilitates the integration of essential professional and communication skills into training. The adaptability of the Easy Flow model makes it a practical and sustainable solution. It provides hands-on experience for perfusion students, translating theoretical knowledge into practical competence. The model’s simplicity, combined with its use of readily available materials, positions it to be an accessible tool for educational institutions and healthcare centers globally. In conclusion, the Easy Flow CPB Simulation Model not only fills a critical gap in perfusion education but also exemplifies how innovation can bridge disparities, ensuring that quality healthcare education is within reach for all. Its potential impact on global healthcare training is profound, promising a future where knowledge sharing leads to improved patient care.

Keywords: cardiopulmonary bypass; extracorporeal technology; healthcare; perfusion education; simulation.

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