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Bedside Repositioning of a Migrated Avalon ECMO Cannula in an Infant: Novel Technique

Background: Although the Avalon Elite bi-caval dual lumen catheter for veno-venous extracorporeal membranous oxygenation (ECMO) has many advantages, it requires precise positioning and dislodgement is common.Case presentation: A 2-year-old male was placed on ECMO due to respiratory failure utilizing a 20 Fr Avalon Elite bi-caval dual lumen catheter (AEC). The AEC migrated twice with unsuccessful repositioning using the classic manual manipulations. The AEC was successfully repositioned on the two occasions using a novel method by direct access of the ECMO inflow tube using a combination of catheter and guide wire.Conclusions: A migrated AEC could be successfully repositioned with simple direct access of the inflow tube. This technique was successfully utilized twice at the bedside in an infant without needing additional venous access.

Keywords: avalon catheter; cannula migration; cannula reposetion; membranous oxygenation.

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